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20 responses to “kPicasa Gallery PHP4 v0.1.5”

  1. Anniken

    Wonderful! But how do I make the thumbnails much smaller?

  2. K

    Please delete all of my comments. It looks like re-uploading the images to Picasa solved the problem.

  3. Dan

    I’m still having the same problem as someone reported earlier…

    KPICASA_GALLERY(Album) works
    KPICASA_GALLERY(Album2) works
    but KPICASA_GALLERY(Album, Album2) doesn’t

    any ideas?

  4. Dan

    I figured out that it has something to do with being one of your first 12 albums or the date or both… If it’s not an early enough album then it won’t show.

  5. Dan

    It also has to do with the “Number of albums to show per page:” field. Leaving it blank shows albums properly, but putting a # like 10 in shows no albums or only certain albums (but cuts off at a random # like 2 instead of 10) as I’ve described above. I’m just going to leave that field blank and not worry about it anymore. Just thought I’d share in case others have similar probs.

  6. phineas

    hi,how can i visit picasa albums by TAG?
    it seems picasa does not support sub directory.

  7. Doori

    Hi there!

    I’ve seen the demo version and it would be great if I just could get it working!
    Everytime I put into the content kpicasa_gallery() it literally only shows ‘kpicasa_gallery()’ in the frontend – which is very frustrating.

    What am I doing wrong?

  8. Fredric


    I tried to implement your Plugin on my site, but I can’t get it work as I like. I’d like to skip the information about the Album and location. How do I disable this, the box in “yellow” would be better in other color, how change?



  9. lr

    Fantastic plugin!

    Echoing phineas’ concern, I am doing some work for a non-profit with three web sites — one for each of their projects. As they have a Google account, I’ve been able to keep all calendars, etc. in one place and use the same plugins for all three, making the content easily manageable.

    As Google does use only tags as a means of differentiating, it would be a great feature to add a tag parameter to the settings which will work as a filter to pull only the albums required for a specific URL.

    Great job, guys.

  10. kate


    I am trying to make this plug-in work. I have install it and when I publish it there is an error sayin :I must go to the admin section and set your Picasa Web Album Username in the Options section. But I can not see where I can do this.

    Help please

  11. sendytha

    i have problem …. help me

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  12. Andr34

    i’ve the same problem :

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  13. Piyush Bhatia

    I would like to know where do I need to call KPICASA_gallery?
    I would really appreciate your help.


  14. Priit

    It only works when “KPICASA_gallery” is the only text in post. But I’d like to have some introducing text before and after the gallery, is it possible (to set some text before (and after) “KPICASA_gallery” and still make it display the gallery in the same post)?

  15. Owen Kelly

    Hi David,

    Many thanks for this plugin, as my server only has php4. I have a problem though, as soon as I activate the plugin, my site ends up with a black square covering the top 1/3 of the page. Deactivating the plugin disables this.

    Any idea what could be causing this?

  16. Owen Kelly

    Just to clarify with a screenshot, this is what’s happening :

  17. Owen Kelly

    Found the issue, it’s to do with having a second lightbox plugin installed. Problem is now sorted!

  18. ivelin


    thanx for the great plug-in

    i have only one small problem, in IE8 can’t close an open image (x)
    also previous and next image navigation doesn’t work.
    Any ideas ?

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